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Welcome to the Satanik Forum!

PostPosted: 19 April 2013, 18:01
by Stolas
Hello! Hello! Don't worry, I'm not a mockingbird.

You are on the forum dedicated to the interactive webcomic Pantagrame Quest.

That is to say, you are in the Realm of Darkness. You shall not find hope here, puny mortal, only fowl play, suffering, death, maybe reanimation, then re-suffering, re-death, until despair is the sole survivor. Horror, demise! All along under the guise of the lowest, most friendly manners.

If you wish to stay with us, you can look at the rules established by our almighty lord! Truly, those are clear enough.

After that, make a post to introduce yourself in the general discussion category, no one will bite you (unless we command them to do so).
It isn't imperative, but you can assume the identity of a demon, damned, or of any other kind of dark, tormented creature.
And then, talk about the comic, or some other subject, as you see fit.

You may have noticed this forum is open to English as well as it is to the forbidden dialect from the low countries of Frogland... yes, our French-speaking friends. I don't need to indicate this unnatural alliance was planned to instill the greatest pain possible for fanatic apostles of both English and French, for it is allowed to both kinds of users to try and speak the other language. Mix or don't mix... you shall suffer together anyway. :mrgreen: