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Postby Stolas » 19 April 2013, 19:01

Hi hi! I am Stolas, your friend forever, great prince of hell, commanding twenty-six legions of demons, well-versed in the most curious stones and plants. I'm always surprised when I'm summoned to tell what are the best leaves to make tea, but eh, that's the pros and cons of the job, I guess.

In other lives, I was called Dragonnoir, Tabris, Drakengard and also Cauchemar. My real name is Raphaël Lafarge, and I am the author of Pantagrame, and various other stories previously. I love language (despite being, well, not the most talented at it), architecture, encounters, travels, and all kinds of parties and social activities. I chose the owl face in this place because it is (almost instinctively) sympathetic to me.

Nice to meet you people! :)
Strigimorphae ad exemplar totus.

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