In love with sci-fi and fantasy, Cauchemar directed the short movies Dedans le monstre and Ordalie. But he’s mainly into literature: amongst his works are the novel Teliam Vore (co-written with Vincent Mondiot, published by Pygmalion) and the short story Values (published by Rivière Blanche).

He writes the scenario of Pantagrame and produces all of the graphics and design.


PhD in mathematics and specialized in network security, Arkh is an artist as well, with a very personal approach to drawing, and a creator of conceptual Flash games.

He programs all of the Pantagrame video games and take part in their conception.


Composer and translator, Oraziel is also a lyric singer.

She composes all of the Pantagrame soundtrack.


Bica is in charge of all the obscure technical parts allowing you to see the website, and also works on the marketing aspect.

He likes tigers.