Thanks to Arkh, Oraziel, Laurier, Mathieu, Bica, Meryem, Ilyes for all their hard work, their support, their ideas and their friendship.

Thanks to Amaury for originally introducing me to pixel art and sprite comic, to Bob & George, to Megaman 7, for numerous great conversations, for the criticism and moral support.

Thanks to Matthieu L for advising me, repeatedly, to “think differently”, to conceive settings with different laws of physics.

Thanks to Vincent Mondiot for years of detailed discussion about ethics, politics and narration, for opening my eyes about writing. I learned more collaborating with you on one thing than I did working with a thousand people on a thousand projects.

Thanks to Enguerran A for a lot of amazing discussions on narration, horror, humour, and past collaborations. In the end we never got to finish anything together, but you have good ideas and you should realize them. You still have my friendship.

Thanks to Fabrice for his help and patience regarding my computer, websites and forums. None of this would even work without you, dude.

Thanks to UIF3, Team Five, Nosgothic Chronicles, Selka and Crash System, between others, for a lot of nice times and various lessons about teamwork.

Thanks to Whimbrel, Pharmacy, Bropocalypse, Morgan “Nighzmarquls”, Fuade, Kaynato, Squiggles, Jacquerel, Solaris, Isoraqathedh and other MSPFA/Eagle Time artists for their support, insight and nice conversations about worldbuilding.

Thanks to Stéphanie C for the insight about anthropology, worldbuilding, and generally speaking for her friendship, nice conversations and helpful criticism.

Thanks to Hugo P for the support, perspective and nice conversations.

Thanks to Estelle, Pierrick D, Noémie L-D, AH, SD for their work on various promotional material, support and help during conventions, and for their support and help with a lot of other things.

Thanks to Momo, Mibbs, 103whatever and other Alabaster fans for years of enthusiastic support and interest.

Thanks to Corentin, to Skywilly, to Jessica Staffe, to Cecile, to the unknown reviewer on LGBTA-comics and to everyone who writes and talks about Pantagrame.

Thanks to Viper Dragoon for support and for being the first Vitriol fan.

Thanks to Bélier, Fabien Lyraud and all the other Les mondes-miroirs fans. Thanks, as a general rule, to all people who appreciate my work and who share the feeling.

Thanks to my family for their neverending love, trust and support through the years.

Thanks to all of my contacts, and to all current or past friends and lovers, even those I don’t see anymore because of me or because of them or because of both. I apologize for my numerous mistakes. Thanks to everyone who kicked my ass to help me becoming a better person and a better artist. Thanks to everyone for their patience and acceptance.

Thanks to Tova for his support and inspiration. We miss you.

I’d like to pay homage to the Inca, Mongol and Bundjalung cultures for providing huge inspiration in order to get away from Western visuals and perspective. These cultures are well alive and they are important.

Thanks to everyone I’ve forgotten or cannot mention for one reason or another. Thanks to everyone I’ve mentioned, too, for a lot of other things.

And finally, thank you for reading.