We did well during August, advancing the comic strips, but don’t forget to check the rest of the website. It is currently under maintenance, to ameliorate it (you may have noticed the strange big black space before any article), but we still managed to keep it online and well (thanks to Pierre’s efforts) and even to add a lot of content!

- New fanarts (thanks, thanks, thanks!)!

- New questions/answers in the FAQ, bringing precious data about the universe!

- A whole new concept art page!

We’re working thoroughly on the upcoming Level 2. And a playable demo of it will be available at the next Japan Addict convention, this very weekend!



The location: Espace Marceau, Neudorf. In the city of Strasbourg. More details here.

The time: 7 and 8, September, 2013.

I’ll be on the booth, but this time, I won’t be alone… Alexandre Maurer, the programmer and co-game designer, will also be present.

If you live in Eastern France… Satan is back!