Hello there! How are you, everyone? There’s much to say today, so I’ll give clear titles to the various parts of the newsletter. :)




Back from Lyon! It was amazing, I had WAY more people at the booth than I thought I would. Our composer Oraziel was able to come, we had a lot of fun!

Some pics:

5_encoredumonde  2_dedicacelicornosaure

 4_specialdedicace  6_orazielandcauch

We are going to attend a LOT of conventions this Spring. I probably won’t be able to obtain pics of each booth, but I’ll try! I’ll also keep the CALENDAR updated.

Next cons are Geekopolis (Paris, 17-18th of May), with our webmaster Bica and our programmer Arkh right back from Japan, and Imaginales (Epinal, 22-23-24-25 of May). Stay in touch!




We are only days away from publishing level 2. Which is now LEVEL 4, by the way. After a lot of thinking, seeing people in conventions had difficulties grasping the zones/levels dichotomy, and noticing the website’s visitors sometimes outright MISS zone B and zone C, I’ve decided to restructure the games like this:

Level 1 1 Zone A = Level 1

Level 1 Zone B = Level 2

Level 1 Zone C = Level 3

As the most dedicated fans may already know, at the beginning, I wanted all three zones to be one big level. But technical limitations didn’t allow it; I had to divide, first by portals, second by different games/pages, and I finally understood it’s just clearer to make the zones into levels.

Level 2… well, Level 4, will appear soon!




To follow this restructuration, I’ve entirely redesigned the GAMES page. The old one was cute, but without any visual quality to it, and really, too chatty. With the number of future levels and boss, it would become a mile long.

If people wonder why Jovy’s face is featured four times, hey, remember, you’ll play as other characters too! In the future, it’ll be nice to know with a single gaze who you’re playing as.


I’ve also redesigned the AUTHORS page. Once again, the old one was cute and nice and everything, but it was visually too close to the CHARACTERS page. Plus it didn’t say much about Oraziel, Arkh, Bica and myself.


Finally, I’m adding some new CONCEPT ART, mainly the first drafts of the Lustral design, but also this masterpiece which waited too long to be published: