Hi there! It’s a little late, but here are some photos of the last Japan Addict. It was amazing, as usual, perfect audience and great convention!

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We’re still working hard on Level 2. We’re satisfied with the way the various aspects of development are wrapping up (Arkh really did a great job with the programming and Orlène composed great music), but once again, it’s massive, and since our team is tiny, we need a lot of time. It’ll be ready for strip 100!

This weekend, it’s the CIIL convention, Juraciil Park edition! This little tabletop roleplaying festival supports our various projects since years, and it’s always a pleasure to join the party.
The CIIL is held in the Louis Neel building of the INSA de Lyon! From tonight 8pm to Sunday 10pm, the Pantagrame booth will be there. I’ll be there, and Orlène will be there too! :)

See you soon or another time!