Hi there! In two days, 14th of February, it’s Valentine’s Day! A good occasion to spend some time with your loved one, or to make another person aware of your feelings if you’re single; a chocolate, a flower, a little card is always nice. And what would be better to make people run away conquer someone’s heart than some nice Pantagrame valentines?







In other news, we’re registered for a lot of conventions this year. So if you’re French or passing through France, come and say hello. In any other case, don’t worry: if you don’t come to Satan, Satan will come for you! <3

The first con for 2014 is, once again, JAPAN ADDICT. We’ll be here 23th-24th of February, in Strasbourg, with new game demos and various surprises!


Be sure to check the calendar to stay in touch with future events. SATAAAAAN!