Some new Geekopolis pics, two weeks later.






Zelda playing the PANTAGRAME level 3, a drawing of Vitriol killing a chicken for a fan, and some amazing troll cosplayers! :)



End-of-convention pic with ADLB production (best booth neighbours ever!). Left to right: Pierre-Jean (ADLB), Guillaume (ADLB), Arkh (Pantagrame), Cauchemar (Pantagrame), Alexis (ADLB), Bica (Pantagrame).


Everyone was really amazing and adorable, and Arkh, Bica and myself, along with some friends (Ozma, Hitori, etc) met a lot of other great teams here: our usual friends from Crash System and Les Artistes Fous, but also Présences d’Esprits, ADLB productions, etc.


Huge thanks to everyone for such an awesome weekend!





As indicated previously, the next stop was the Epinal city for Les Imaginales. This festival is especially close to my heart, since it’s about literature and drawings. A lot of amazing artists were there.









Arkh was strong enough to be part of the adventure again, despite having had basically no rest since he got back from Japan. The man keeps jumping from party to party and con to con and these days, he’s leaving for yet another travel!


A lot of thanks to everyone again! I wasn’t expecting such success since we were a webcomic/video game, not the usual booths in Les Imaginales. Hello to Elbakin (the reference in francophone fantasy websites!), congratulations to the incredible performance artists from Tibody Paint, thanks to Olivier Lusetti, Aurélie Genêt and Gillossen for the great discussions about narration, other worlds, the accessibility of outlandish settings and sci-fi in general… And hello again to Présences d’Esprits!


Special thanks to Sarah Dunkel, an amazing artist and new author for the publisher Griffes d’Encre who traveled with us and helped greatly with the booth. Great friend and great company!





The next convention… and it’s this very weekend! I don’t have much time to talk about it now, but it’ll be great too! One of the most famous anime conventions in Paris, and we’re going to be there, right here, right now!

For the triumph of darkness, for rivers of blood, for neverending screams and absolute despair… For SATAN FOREVER!