Having the inside track, or knowing some circles, blogs or websites, some of you may already have learned the truth: Pantagrame will be at JAPAN EXPO!


Double booth, new levels, second boss, but not merely that! You’ll be able to see exclusive concept arts, loads and loads of goodies (the printed webcomic, Vitriol and Floreal figurines, mugs, T-shirts, etc, etc), and the Floreal contest once over again. If you want a signed drawing, you’ll just have to try and do the best time for the boss on our satanik booth!


We’ll be there from 2nd to 6th of July, at booth # CP49, in alleyway JC, Hall 6!



Oh, also, yeah, EPITANIME was amazing! Despite some technical problems, the convention was pretty good, with lot of people, and the organizers worked very hard to offer once again the EPITA experience. Thanks to them, and thanks to you, thanks to everyone who came on the booth!


pantapita1 pantapita2

 pantapita3 pantapita4




Thanks to the neighbours, too, mainly Brigade SOS which helped us with logistics, and thanks to the nice Homestuck and Dangan Ronpa fans who allowed me to not die during the transportation of some of my equipment.



And congratulations to Amo (on this pic) for beating the convention’s best time for Floreal!