It’s been a month since the last news. I’ve become quite the hermit in order to complete the gargantuan task of Level 4… And finally it’s here!



[Like every other game, you can find it on the Games page anytime!]

Playing as Tilda, explore the museum and uncover its numerous secrets!
Once again, only the most talented (or unlucky) players will discover the White Zone, full of clues about the upcoming events.

The next game, also in preparation since months, will be published 1st of September. In the meantime, the story will go on, two comic strips a week. Three when it’s a lucky week!

To talk a little about Japan Expo, it was INCREDIBLE! So much preparation, the biggest European convention, so many fans and customers… Thanks to Raza, Nô, Yoooiou, Victoria, Fyorda, Cifera, Nico and Miku, PenPen, Nube, Amo, Jamic, Chasseuse de Nuages, Amanda, Ozymandias, Hanged Bunny Studio, thanks to my collaborators Arkh and Bica who gave all of their energy, thanks to all of the Teliam Vore, Values and Alabaster readers (and hello to all of the Homestuck trolls), all of the friends and fans I forgot, all of people who came to our booth, who participated in turning this exhausting convention into five FABULOUS days!
10_japanexpo2014a  10_japanexpo2014b

10_japanexpo2014c  10_japanexpo2014d

10_japanexpo2014e  10_japanexpo2014f

10_japanexpo2014g  10_japanexpo2014h

10_japanexpo2014i  10_japanexpo2014j

10_japanexpo2014k  10_japanexpo2014m

10_japanexpo2014n  10_japanexpo2014o

10_japanexpo2014p  10_japanexpo2014q

You see all of the goodies, bonus and surprises we had on the booth? We’ll have a thousand more next time! Don’t miss Pantagrame’s next public appearance!

There’s also one or two surprises in the concept art and FAQ sections.

See you soon everyone! :)