Hello everyone!

As you all know, the project has quite progressed since the last newsletter. We released Boss 2 and Boss 3 and started advancing in the post-museum arc.

Looking back at what has been done, Pantagrame started in 2013. That’s 70 strips and 3 minigames a year! Not counting all of the work done on preparation: hundred of documents, notes on worldbuilding, cultures, characters, hundred of concept arts. I can’t thank enough Arkh, Oraziel and Bica, who embarked with me on this crazy journey and did (respectively) all of the programming, music and website. Pantagrame is a work of passion I’m always glad to produce for, but it would be nothing without their stunning participation! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to you, readers, for obviously liking this work and sharing it further. Thanks for all the fanart and the nice messages! We’re getting stronger and stronger support!

And Pantagrame would not be the same without the various additional help, such as Raza’s work on posters, badges and printed strips for example, or Shiro’s (and other anglophone friends) betareading on the English version. It avoid me speeking an another way, about all probability less nice to the eye. Thank you too, Raza, Shiro and every friend who helped the project along the way.
We’re going to move much more quickly in the close future, towards other lands of the vast Solworld, towards other characters, strange cultures and grandiose architecture – and towards other stories as well, on other supports, Pantagrame Quest is not going to stay the only window open on this large setting. Are you ready to follow us on this trip? ARE YOU READY?
Then rendezvous this weekend! For Parisian people or visitors to the capital, the convention EPITANIME is open once again, and Pantagrame will be there! You can buy goodies there (novels, sprite comic booklets, badges, original drawings), you can talk with both Arkh and myself, you can establish new records on the various bosses or find the secret passages… and maybe you’ll learn a se-cret!
See you soon!  :)