After three years, the story and characters are leaving Nelphis, the City of Colors, to explore the vast world!
It’s a pretty big milestone to reach for me, and a very significant one. From the start, Pantagrame was planned as a globetrotting (or rather, in this case, triangletrotting) adventure, with big discoveries and new scenery. A lot of things needed to be established in Nelphis and couldn’t be rushed, but still, I was growing impatient to leave the city.
It was merely a day for the cast, but for the Pantagrame team, it was three years. Three years full of surprises, full of joys but also filled with hard times. The project was a constant support throughout these years. We hope you take as much pleasure in discovering it as we do in creating it.
Next we’ll briefly dock into Cindralia, a far-away country and Nelphis’ oldest enemy, before heading for Vitriol’s destination: Eludi Tower, where he’ll find the final directions to his destiny!

In IRL news, I’ll be at Japan Addict this weekend. June 4th-5th 2016, JAPAN ADDICT Z2, in the city of Strasbourg, at the Zenith precisely.



I will also hold a lecture about the Silent Hill series, still at Strasbourg Zenith, at 1:30 pm Saturday 4th!

In the meantime, you can look at the all-new section, the Press review, already filling with articles and interviews, or at the Artworks section – a lot of new concepts have been added since the last newsletter, including Orchidemon and Cindralia drawings.

Say farewell to Nelphis. Pantagrame: an amazing webcomic about leaving a city!