Back from Japan Addict, the convention at the Zenith de Strasbourg! It was an extraordinary experience to live in this huge sporting arena and concert hall; once again it was an honor to present my work there, during such an amazing event!

I barely had time to rest, you were so many on the booth! You made me use all of my signed drawings paper, I had to write down some email addresses to finish the drawings at my place. Don’t worry, Clave Lisa, Jeremy and Alexandre, I won’t forget!




To hold the Silent Hill lecture was also a pleasure. It was an unique occasion to detail the history of this series I love, particularly the genesis of Team Silent and the surrealistic, existential horror of the post-mortem masterpiece Shattered Memories.


HUGE THANKS to Lyca, to Fabrice, to our amazing comrades from the Carnastudio and Superpowers booths (it was GREAT meeting your acquaintance!) and also to my friends E&F and R&V for their constant help with the material and transportation.

And finally thanks to you, audience, for all this love for the hard work of Arkh, Oraziel, Bica and myself. I can’t wait to show you more, and I can’t wait to introduce you to more of my collaborators. A lot of kisses to everyone and see you soon in the next events!


Two glimpses from Level 6, playable demo available on the booth: